This was written in 1994. I thought i Share it anyways and maybe someday i may finish the story i wrote many years ago. After i lost my brother Joe. he was murdered and they never found who did it. still unsolved case. and i think i made this to deal with losing him. Me and my brother were very close. still sucks not having him here. anyways thanks for reading my book and comic. 
By Christopher  Stokes (c)1994


It was a day I knew would come. me and my brother were on the roof of
garage and 
Joe were telling me all about the trouble he was in and I told
him that them drug dealers in Harvey would kill him. he said if I die then
die. I didn't think much about it till the fateful day came and my bro was
dead with a gun shot to the head. left laying in his blood on the corner
153 in Lexington , Harvey IL,
About a 3 days later his funeral and wake was at hand I didn't want to go
to this wake and see my brother lay dead, But I did, I felt so hurt for
mom I knew this ripped her inside out as it did me. Dad was very
supportive, he grabbed me back and asked me what do I think about all of
this?. I told him I knew this day would come. I told dad about the talk me
and my brother had on the garage roof. There where many people who
up one person I have a lot of love for was his ex wife Antonia, she was a
black girl. and met my brother in the army, and they fell in love and she
always loved him always even after they where apart. And there was Tracy
his baby mom as it is called in the Hood. his son was only 2 weeks old (
Joel in ) he'd never get to see his father. I see allot of my brother in
that boy. He has the Bloodline in him I am going to have to tell him about
our blood when he is old enough. a few where not at his wake and that was
Jesse Daniels, His son, and few others. Jesse turned up DEAD a few days
later found in his van shot in the head hunched over the staring wheel. no
one knows what happed to him. he was a very close friend of my brother,
there was all of our family even the brother of my mothers that she hated.
but they didn't fight this day. You see my brother was to be the one. the
head of the family but his life went to drugs, and he lost his soul yr.
ago. just 2 weeks before He called me on the phone to tell me. about his
son Jocelyn, I was happy but I was also kind of rude to him cause we got
into it a few weeks before he died. I really wish I would have talked to
my brother longer that day cause it the last time I EVER talk to him again
:-(.... what a fool I was. now I wish I had tried to help him out some how
like I always did when he was down. he was living here and there, after he
go out of the marines, he moved in with Antonia and married her, but they
where not together after 4 yr., and he slipped in to the world of drugs. I
know now why he was on drugs but at the the I couldn't understand why he
want to throw his life away on these drugs, I know why today thought why,
His hart was broken I know he loved Antonia to death. and I know she also
loved him till the day she died, Antonia died in 2002 breast cancer, I
guess now they will be together forever. What the hell talking about this
really makes me so upset more then you can ever Imagine, I know I am only
one now. Alone.
After the wake I watched Americans most wanted. and DUMMY ME thought they
would help me out. I asked them to find my brothers kill cause the Harvey
Police Dept IS NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I wrote AMW 4 times and got
but anywise I tried
get the police to do something about my brother death and finding his
killer but those lazy basted did nothing at all 0.
So it is at these grave times that legends are made and The few step to
there place. The place to punish those who need to be punished. So I guess
that was the fateful day DEATH was born. I figure if they didn't care .
then they shouldn't care if some one else does there job for them.....I
was really into making my own custom weapons and masks, I even designed
many weapons. I have them all to this day. One of my weapons was a mold
off my arms and face after I had the plastic mold. I added carpet tact's to
the arms and face mask They where on every inch after I was done I painted
them black. These where some of my most Evil designs, Then I took meat
hooks the kind they use to move meat around in a meat locker. I took it
from Dominick's when I worked at the one in tinely park. just before the
store closed . I also took some very long blades. these where 3 feet long,
and could cut a cow in two with one stroke. and a Chain mail apron,
The apron when under the Suit, The meat hooks where to be used to drag
bodes, and the blades where meant to be used to cut up, people into little
pieces as to spread them all see the Weapons and mask go to my

 also see" the online comic called DETH"
and a mask made out of a black t-shirts sleeve. The mask was meant to look
like a skulls face. As to scare The Victims in to a start of Fear and frenzies, if they don't fear
you they wont remember you. and a custom made dirt bike
TM250 Black Dream it is
called. A reaper on the front of the bike. and a skull on the gas tank.
all black all good. baffle cut to induce sounds of terror when it is on
thread. you never knew where this bike was coming from. the sound from it
surrounded your ears and it was very loud . a true breast that bike was.
mounted on the bike was the Blades from Dominick's. Now called Dice. The
suit is still with me Most of the weapons are now hidden :-) . I never
really liked using knifes before . but after feeling the tarring from the
flesh the cries it makes them scream. the warm way it gets after beanbag
someones body it even makes a little sound as it goes into the flesh when
it breaks the flesh kind of sounds like a pop from a water balloon., guns
are so Blane in this respect. any weapon that lets you break the flesh up
close and personal is the BEST......they suffer and you
pleasure.......After taking to few friends from Harvey I found out who did
the killing and why. It turns out that my brother Joe ripped off a drug
dealer we will call PEON.
and We found out do did the killing. he was first......................
Mr. Shoddy. was coming out of the store on the with a 40oz a bag of rinds,
and some grape juice. He was followed home. and we seen he had a lady
friend he visited, her name was Keisha and she had 2 kids with Mr. shoddy.
then about 4am Mr. shoddy left the building. and drove to Robbins. and went
to see his mother and aunt. after write all these times down. It was about
6:00am and I was getting tried so I decided to call it a night and get
some sleep. The next morning. I hooked up with a old friend of mine from
Harvey named Chris Powell's. and we deceased what happened to my brother. he
thought it be smart to ask his home for some guns we could use. but I told
him I wasn't going to kill any one. and if I ever did I have my own hand made
weapons to do the job. he asked what and I joking said to him " If I tell
you then I'll have to kill you" LOL. but in many ways I meant it fully...
So he didn't get to be in on this murder spree with me. Later I went to
see a another old friend from the hood named JP, I went back to Maple wood
street but found it much different then I remembered it as a kid. there
where thugs and street scum every where I got bad vibes off this area so
decides it be better to come back in the morning when there more light out
and less vampires, I call them that cause they looked like a children of
the damned,

Day 3
I got a call from mom and she was telling me that she and my dad didn't
have the money to bury him so she was going to keep him in the URN, I told
her it would be a good idea. At lest he be home now. But this all so made
me so angry, So I started planning what I was going to do the next night. I
still need to found a few more people before this is going to be over...

Day 4
after yesterday I decided to take a easy and do some research on the web,
Need to find Peon, and Pops family. After about 3 hours I found they were
East Chicago Heights, So I drive to the address of 19998 Hassled and what
do I see. I see that bitch ass mother fucker Peon. out side talking to 3
others. so I went past them and drove down the alley and waited. I can see
them threw the yard. so I watch and write down every thing I see around the
house. take a few pictures. I remember the comic book called The Punisher
(Marvel) and Frank Castle is going to be here tonight. LOL, time to get some
food its getting late and the sun is down its 8:00pm So lets call it a
day. I got to see my buddies from Markham, I had enough of have and these
other shit holes for a while time to have some fun Dave and see if he
can get my some weed, My nerves are shot. I am thinking about just not
going threw this. But My brother wouldn't let any one hurt me and not do
anything about this. Understand yr. ago we made a pact not to let anyone
kill us with out getting and Eye for a eye in return. So this must be
done. waiting for Dave to get off the phone. I feel like tell everyone
what I want to do. but I know if do I seal my fate. so I just think about
it all in my head planning and plotting. Dave's wife is a real load mouth
kind of person and she is yelling at Dave about him calling to get me some
weed. and he cased her out and said. " HIS BROTHER JUST DIED SHUT THE FUCK
UP BITCH" and after he said that I was a little more happier :-). He says
we have to wait a half hour to cop so . I watch the TV and watch the cock
roaches crawl all over
How this all this happen.....................
Lets go back to 1981 when I was a teen 11yrs. how does one become evil.
how do they go to the dark side. Yes I know it sounds crazy but in many
many ways it is true. It involves Satan. and listen In to heavy metal
music. Bands like The Misfits), King Diamond) Celtic Frost) and
Slayer) as a teen. and got into Dark music. and with that comes a
curiosity to know more about Evil and Satan. and in my studies I learned
much about Magic, Satan, Jesus, GOD, Religion, other gods, other cultures
gods too. and for the most part I always thought of these things as fake,
So I turned my studies to the stars and I found true evil. the more I
learned the more I realized that there is no god. and yes its just like
the Stars Wars Force. Exportable Episode 2. I seen my self in that
movie. I always believed in the force. I knew it to be real. I can do some
really extraordinary things any thing I ever wanted to do I did and I did it
better then any one I knew. but it had to be something I really wanted. if
I didn't really want it. then it never come true. but if I desired it
strongly I always got it.. I felt I could feel the force in others too. I
feel about about people. I can even see in the past if I have a strong
enough object. I have other powers too besides my high IQ, and my ESP
powers, I can move in ways others can not. I know just what it means to
walk under water and not get wet. (see book of Madness).
Eviland is my first evil creation, and not my last. The call of The

5 Day

I start today off by doing some nice things for My love Priscilla.
she is the only thing I care about loosing if I get caught.
So today is our day. We go to the Jacks woods by 159th Pulaski.
a place we come allot a place purr friends hang out at too alienated
we drink beer. smoke weed and have a day just for us. lots of people
stooped up at the woods to say hi to me and tell me how sorry they
were about Joe. but was didn't want to discuss it. after talking to
Rick Perszley and his little brother I decide to go somewhere else.
so we pack it up and go to the woods in oak forest. Yankee woods.
this place is better we found a quite little spot to party with being
seen by the cops or our friends. she sees I am in deep thought this
day even though I am trying to be nice to her. that girl is the only
thing I ever loved and if I do this I may not come back. so this day
I have lots to think about. she tells me she is sorry about and wanted
to be there for me if I needed her I just hugged her and smiled. after
a while we decide to go into the woods itself. and we find a nice little
tall grassy area about a mile away from the woods parking lot. and we
make love for a few hours. after we got home she went to bed then I
went and got out all my weapons I been making for so many yr. I was
so Prized to see all of them I forgot I made half this stuff. I thought
to my self " what a nut you are Chris for making such things" but now I
will really have to use them something I didn't plan to ever do. and now
here I am with them in my hand planning a murder spree

a day before Halloween
The Day I was told my brother in law come over his a Sergeant of the
Riverdale police dept and he found out Joe died before we did. my sister
went to the morgue to identify the body. my mom came in my mom yelling
they killed him and at that monument she didn't have to say his name
I knew who she meant. that they killed him. my bro was now gone.
I felt as my heart ripped in two Priscilla was with me in my room at the time
I just starred at the walls knowing what I have to do. No damn punk ass
street thug is going to mess with my family they will lose their family to
DETH. the next day I had to take my niece Amanda and her friend Aaron.
trick or tricking. and I wore
my mask I made of a sad face and while I walked the many blocks.
I cried and cried but no one seen cause I had on my mask.
I don't think even Priscilla knew. I never cry in front of others.
I was so mad I decided that day I kill all involved and their
families also who ever I could get alone I find way to kill them
One yr Later Oct 13,
It's almost Halloween. and like always I plan some thing and do it. so here I am back at thoughts. I feel its kind of safe now to do it. I have been keeping taps on them the whole time. I found out where everyone lives where there kids and family lives. I almost got stopped by The PD while checking last but he rolled right past me. I guess the cop must have gotten a call. I felt relived. I had all this stuff in my car Buick La Saber 89 red, I had 4 guns, and all these papers I wrote taking notes it had ever ones name on it. now I don't write anything down I burned all of the notes I have. I had to sooner or later. So better now. I pretty much knew all I need to know anyways. now all I have to do is DO IT.
Doing It
The first one was a real pleasure let me tell you. what they say about revenge is all too true. it is sweet even when served on a cold dish


After the police questioned the young man. he went to the block of 153 and
was confronted by the others in the area asking him what had happed. he
just said" You check this shit out. He was wearing a skull mask and shit.
Had a sword
or some kind of long blade. all kinds of guns. That mother fucker
was just DETH
He pooped out of nowhere and just started killing people. then the pd showed
up and shot gunned that mother fucker right in the crest and he flew like
13 feet and just got back up and jetted in to the darkness.
and they never found out who he was......................

7:14 PM 10/19/2003
The Day of his Death is coming in a few days.
Samhain is coming

and no this story IS NOT FINISHED OR COMPLETE in fact I have just started
this book is not finished this is only the first chapter.
This Book  is Dictated to my ghetto hero and brother Joseph C Amundson